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Disaster doesn't strike when it's convenient! 

Introducing the MARINA FAST ATTACK system. Your first line of defense when tragedy strikes.  The MARINA FAST ATTACK system is a self-contained, light weight, portable, foam capable, fire fighting system that can be quickly deployed by a single trained individual.  This "First Strike" capability can extinguish or contain a fire until local fire and rescue arrive.  Learn more about the MARINA FAST ATTACK systems.

In a fire emergency situation, the FAST ATTACK unit can easily be rolled  down the dock and start pumping fire fighting water or form at 100 PSI pressure and at a flow rate of 100 GPM. At this pressure, the fire fighting stream of water will reach a distance of 80 to 100 feet .  

Trained marina staff can begin fire suppression within minutes of the fire start.  At this stage the fire is usually small and a fast attack will control fire spread until the Fire Department arrives.

The NEW  Marina Fast Attack Model 3FB can be permanently installed at fuel docks or on vessels and ready for use at a moments notice.  You can easily setup your own fireboat, fixed fire fighting station, mobile wheeled unit, mobile unit mounted on a Club Car golf cart or have a unit custom made for your specific needs. 

The City of Charleston South Carolina Marina uses Marina Fast Attack units exclusively for their fire protection in place of a standard stand pipe system.

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